Scandinavian Developer Conference 2012

By Mattias Kihlström

This year (as well as last) I attended the Scandinavian Developer Conference (SDC) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since  it is a rather broad conference I cannot speak for everyone, but the take away for me this year was that there is no longer any question if JavaScript is moving from being “only” a language to becoming a complete platform. The transformation has already begun.

Among others, Nate Schutta had a lot of interesting things to say, James Kyburz explained why CoffeeScript is the path to enlightment, Christian Johansen talked about pure, functional JavaScript and Bodil Stokke presented the facial hair theory of programming language design. :)

But the biggest thing for me personally was that this year I went as a speaker. It was only a short lightning talk, but still enough to make me a little nervous. What was the topic? When to use jQuery Mobile.

See you next year!