About the human Mattias Kihlström

This may or may not be a photo of Mattias KihlströmMattias Kihlström strongly denies any rumours of being a modern day Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide. At the same time he confesses to practicing front-end web development at day and user experience design at night.

It has been said that it is Mattias Kihlström who is behind both the @kihlstrom twitter account as well as the sparingly used github account at github.com/kihlstrom. He has also been known to occasionally answer emails sent to mattias@kihlstrom.com.

If you haven't already guessed it, Mattias Kihlström is not a native English speaker (it usually works out ok though).

Five fast facts about Mattias Kihlström


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Code editors: Sublime Text (Mac OS X) and Textastic (iOS). LiveReload have been used a lot when making design decisions directly in the browser and file uploads have been facilitated by FileZilla.

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